Barry Peddycord III

Teaching Portfolio

Statement of Purpose

This is the teaching portfolio of Barry Peddycord III, developed as part of NC State's Preparing the Professoriate program. PTP is a teaching-intensive program that pairs a graduate student with a teaching mentor for one year to introduce them to the responsibilities and pressures that they will face should they decide to pursue a faculty career after graduation. This portfolio contains artifacts of teaching paired with descriptions of the contexts that make them relevant to my teaching, and reflective essays that chronicle my growth as an instructor through this program.

The portfolio is divided into four main sections, which can be accessed at any time via the tabs across the top of the page.

Teaching Philosophy

My personal outlook on teaching and how I exercise my values in the classroom. My philosophy as a teacher of computer science is influenced heavily by my involvement in open source software development, and I deliver instruction grounded in the practices of the professional community.

Classes Taught

A record of my teaching experience, featuring details about the contexts in which I have taught and the artifacts developed during the course of teaching. Included here are descriptions of my classes, lesson plans, course evaluations, homework assignments and other elements that highlight elements of instruction.

Professional Development

Information on experiences outside of the classroom I have pursued to develop my teaching skills. The key artifacts in this section are the reflective essays written to fulfill the requirements of both the Certificate of Accomplishment in Teaching program as well as Preparing the Professoriate. Essays are connected to specific artifacts of teaching and demonstrate the thoughtful integration of the topics covered in the workshops I've attended with the rest of my PTP cohort.

Executive Summary

This piece of writing ties the portfolio together by covering the impact of the Preparing the Professoriate program on my teaching career.