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Professional Service

Triangle Linux Users Group May 2013-May 2015

The Triangle Linux Users Group is an active group of developers and system administrators in the Raleigh-Durham area. We have held meetings on everything from server administration using Puppet, game development using OpenGL, IPv6, Raspberry Pi, and more.

I started attending meetings after completing my Bachelor's degree, and have served on the steering committee for two years as the vice-chair in my first year and the chair in my second.

The steering committee is responsible for coordinating the monthly technical meetings, managing the server hosting our website and member email services, and securing sponsorship for our expenses. As chair, I coordinated weekly meetings over IRC with the steering committee to identify and delegate tasks. During my tenure, TriLUG had its 501(c)(3) charity status re-instated with the IRS after losing it some years prior, and we also procured and installed a new server for the organization.

  • Coordinated monthly meetings with attendance in excess of 60 people.
  • Sought out speakers and sponsors for the monthly meetings, and delegated tasks to the steering committee as chair.
  • Acted as the student liaison between NCSULUG and TriLUG.

IEEE Eastern NC Section August 2011-December 2014

Out of the IEEE's geographical sections, the Eastern North Carolina Section is one of the largest in the United States with over 3000 members across the electrical engineering disciplines. The IEEE is involved in professional development, academic publishing, standards development, and political advocacy, and the Eastern NC Section provides these services to its members at the local level.

I first got involved as the webmaster for the section, and served on the executive committee as the Secretary for two years. In addition to working with the section proper, I also volunteered as the interim chair of the local chapter of the Computer Society.

  • Migrated the IEEE section website from a legacy hand-made HTML site to a Wordpress website, and conducted training to help volunteers use it to publicize their own meetings.
  • Revived the ENCS Newsletter that publishes information about recent and future events each month to the membership.

NC State University Graduate Student Association August 2012-December 2014

The University Graduate Student Association is a student organization that has represented and advocated for the graduate student body at NC State University since 1958.

I first joined the UGSA for one year as the representative for the Computer Science department. At the same time, I assumed the role of President of the Computer Science Graduate Student Association in order to bring it back to life after an extended period of inactivity.

In my second and third years with the UGSA, I acted as the Vice President of Communication on the Executive Board and was responsible for the CSCGSA website, the monthly newsletter, the internal mailing lists, and managing the UGSA Publicity Committee.

  • Helped organize the 2013 Graduate Student Research Symposium as chairman of the Academic Policy Committee.
  • Re-established the Computer Science Graduate Student Association as an active UGSA chapter in good standing.
  • Served two terms as the graduate student representative for the University Standing Committee on Copyright.

NC State Linux Users Group May 2012-May 2014

The NC State Linux Users Group is a community of NC State students and alumni that get together weekly to discuss Linux, open source software, and technology in general. During my time at NC State, I acted as PR Officer, Treasurer, President, and Advisor before handing off the responsibilities to a new generation of student leaders.

  • Coordinated the 2013 and 2014 Free and Open Source Software Fair.
  • Acted as the student liaison between NCSULUG and TriLUG.
  • Contributed to developing the club's Django website and and maintaining the club's server.

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